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Frequently Answered Questions

How do I get my wet erase marker to work?
Please prime your marker. Shake it vigorously with the cap securely attached. On a test sheet of paper, press the tip down several times to start the liquid flowing.
How do I keep my Caddy lid standing open?
The Caddy has two hinges that attach the base to the lid. Please pull each hinge towards you to lock it into place. Push away from you to release the hinge.
What is the tray in the Caddy for?
The tray in the center acts as a workstation. It can hold your makeup and hair supplies so you are not constantly digging in your Caddy.
Why does the garment rack move?
We understand that you have limited space at competitions. The rotating garment rack allows for personal preferences and space availability.
How do I clean my Caddy?
Just use mild detergent and warm water on a cloth and wipe it down. Remember not to rub on your decals. They will come off.
Why does the Caddy have a cork board and magnetic dry erase board?
These are great for storing costume lineups and costume notes. Dancers may even like to write themselves or their friends an inspirational message.
How many costumes fit in The Caddy?
The Caddy will hold up to 13 costumes with each costume in a Costume Garment Bag. It depends on how bulky each costume is and how you pack your Caddy.
Does the stool fit in The Caddy?
Yes. The stool lays neatly on the bottom of The Caddy Bag.