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Instructions to set up your Caddy, Costume Garment Bag, Mini Accessory Box, and Decals..

Set Up Your Caddy

  1. Open lid fully, engaging the locking mechanism on both hinges to lock the lid in the upright position.
  2. Remove Tray for full access to the Caddy. To remove Tray, lift right edge of Tray and slide it out to the right.
  3. Take out Garment Rack and assemble into the corner bracket.
  4. Garment Rack Set-Up is as easy as 1-2-3.
  5. 1. Insert pole 1 (tapers on both ends) into both brackets in the front right corner of the Caddy.
    2. Insert pole 2 onto pole 1. Pole 2 has one taper at the top that will fit into pole
    3. Lastly, place pole 3 (the cross bar) onto pole 2.
  6. Take out Costumes and hang on Garment Rack in order of dance lineup.
  7. Replace the Tray by sliding it into the white bracelets. Set out the mini box, your makeup and hair supplies.
Remember…It’s all about simplifying!

Garment Rack

Pack Your Caddy

  1. Open lid fully, engaging the locking mechanism on both hinges to lock the lid in the upright position.
  2. Remove Tray for full access to the Caddy.
  3. Place stool in the bottom of the Caddy. The Garment rack in the drawstring bags fits well next to the stool although placing it on the top once the Costume Garment Bags are packed may prove easier for set up.
  4. We have found the best way to maximize space in the Caddy is to fold each Garment Bag into thirds and alternate laying in the Caddy on the left and right.
  5. Once Garment Bags are loaded into the Caddy, if needed, press down on the stack to release the air and pack in a little tighter.
  6. Slide Tray back into white brackets, packing mini box and other items in the tray.
  7. Fill mini box with supplies such as bobby pins, safety pins, hair accessories (bun makers, hair nets, etc.), jewelry, makeup and applicators, band aids, and anything else you might need!
  8. Shoes or other accessory boxes may be placed on top of Garment Bags next to tray.
  9. Ensure any hard boxes are not sticking up too far above the tray or the lid will not close securely and you could damage the cork board or dry erase board.
  10. Use message center (cork board and dry erase board) to display the dance line up and any costume notes that may be helpful.
    • If dry erase marker does not work immediately, prime it by pressing down and holding several seconds to start the ink flow.

Set Up Your Mini Box

  1. Cut the dividers apart. Follow the diagram provided to allow for best fit.
  2. Once you have the dividers cut, slide each divider into the brackets on the inside of the mini box.
  3. Determine the space you will need, by what you plan to store in your Mini Box.
  4. This is a list of ideas of item to keep in your Mini Box.
    • Bobby Pins; Black, Brown and White
    • Hair ties
    • Band-Aids
    • Safety Pins
    • Q-tips
    • Eye lashers and eye lash glue
    • Nail Clipper
    • Nail File
    • Make Up
    • Bun Maker
    • Hair Nets
    • And the list could go on…personalize to fit your needs!
Garment Rack

Set Up Your Costume Bag

  1. Place main costume inside bag on velvet hanger.
  2. Use 4 zipper pockets on front of bag for hair piece, extra costume pieces, tights, shoes, etc.
  3. Top right side of Costume bag has a note card holder. Write out or print a note card listing the Dance, the costume pieces needed, jewelry to wear, how to style hair and any other information for the Dancer. The Dancer just needs to refer to this note card to know if they are ready to take the stage.
  4. See photo to right for a Costume Garment bag set up.
Garment Bag

How to Apply the Rub On Vinyl Decals to Your Caddy

  1. When you receive vinyl, lay out on a flat surface and run squeegee or credit card over it once to make sure no bubbles have developed during shipping.
  2. Only apply to a smooth surface. The Decal will not adhere to the textured part of the Caddy.
  3. Clean the area or surface where graphics are to be placed thoroughly and let dry completely. This will ensure no grime, moisture or debris will interfere with the application of the vinyl.
  4. Cut any additional transfer paper off so that you can place your decal with the greatest accuracy. Place vinyl graphic, with the paper back still attached, in position on the surface. This will help in making sure that the decal is accurately placed.
  5. Run a piece of masking tape or packaging tape (work best without leaving residue, but other tapes will work) along one entire side of the decal so the graphic can move up and down like a hinge.
  6. Peel away the vinyl paper backing on the decal starting from one corner. Make sure vinyl removes completely from the backing and no part of graphic touches the surface.
  7. Pulling the tape tightly, gently lower from hinge side down. Make long, slow, swiping movements back and forth along the width of the vinyl as it is being lowered (using a squeegee or credit card will help with this process). Be sure to take as much time as you need to softly push out any air from below the vinyl, avoiding wrinkles and creases in the tape as you apply.
  8. After vinyl is initially placed, with a credit card or other squeegee surface, swipe back and forth in the same manner that you applied vinyl. Do so until entire surface has been covered. Be careful not to press to hard and rip the paper.
  9. Pull away application tape at a 180 degree motion starting from any corner (pull the tape back on itself ). If some vinyl comes up, gently roll back down and then try again. If you followed these instructions, the vinyl should be secure. Continue to pull until entire graphic is exposed.
  10. Remember once applied the decal can be taken off, however it cannot be reused.
  11. Maintenance: Do not sit a smooth plastic surface on top of the decal after it is applied to the Caddy. The decal may adhere to it and pull away from the Caddy. Clean with mild soap and water with a light touch. Do not scrub or you will remove the decal.