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Frequently Answered Questions

What keeps The Caddy Bag from tipping?
The Caddy Bag was designed and engineered so that it DOES NOT Tip.
How many costumes does the Caddy Bag Garment Rack hold?
The Caddy Bag Garment Rack holds up to 20 costumes.
How does the Vanity tray attached to the the Caddy Bag?
The tray has velcor on each short side that attaches to the Caddy Bag. Push the velco together and the Tray in in place and acts as a workstation. It can hold your makeup and hair supplies so you are not constantly digging in your Caddy Bag.
Does the garment rack lean?
The Garment Rack is designed to stand vertical. It may lean a little towards the inside of the Caddy Bag when full.
How do I clean my Caddy Bag?
Just use damp clean cloth to clean your bag.
How many costumes fit in The Caddy Bag?
The Caddy Bag will hold up to 16 costumes with each costume in a Costume Garment Bag. Note that it depends on how bulky each costume is and how you pack your Caddy Bag. (We have been told it will hold 23 costumes each in a Garment Bag, but that is a snug fit!)
Does the stool fit in The Caddy Bag?
Yes. The stool lays neatly on the bottom of The Caddy Bag.
If I broke the mirror in my Beauty Bag, can I replace it?
Yes, if you have the Beauty Bag with the velcor pocket for the mirror. Please see the Replacement Mirror for sale under Caddy Accessories.